In 2015, the Ministry of Energy of Chile published National Energy Policy 2050, which includes a broad set of energy efficiency goals for 2035 and 2050. The policy covers the main sectors of the national economy.


Key energy statistics

Key recommendations, 2018

  • Develop concrete measures to reach the goals of the National Energy Policy to 2050

    Ensure progress towards the goals of the National Energy Policy 2050, including the medium-term target of 60% renewable electricity by 2035 and the 2050 target of 70% renewable electricity, by spelling out concrete and immediate actions. Consider increasing the ambitions on sustainability and energy security

  • Strengthen the role of government

    Strengthen the government’s role in enhancing planning and consultation for energy policy and investments, and broaden the government’s sectoral coverage and inter-ministerial co-ordination.

  • Encourage variable renewable energy

    Ensure that electricity market design and infrastructure are developed to facilitate the value-maximising integration of variable renewable energy into the electricity system.

  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency

    Work ambitiously to limit energy-related GHG emissions through the country's significant potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy.