Central And South America

Energy system of Central & South America

Central & South America is a region that stands out in the global energy sector. It boasts extraordinary natural resources – from oil and gas to high-quality solar, wind and hydropower – and a significant share of the world’s critical minerals. It also has a history of ambitious policy making in pursuit of stronger energy security and greater sustainability that has delivered one of the cleanest electricity mixes in the world, as well as strong adoption of biofuels.

Countries in Central and South America are well-placed to leverage their clean energy potential to drive economic activity and improve the security and sustainability of energy around the world. Many countries in the region have also set ambitious climate goals. Implementing these pledges will be crucial to meeting emissions targets.

Latin America Energy Outlook 2023

The Latin America Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency’s first in-depth and comprehensive assessment of Latin America and the Caribbean, builds on decades of collaboration with partners. In support of the region's energy goals, the report explores the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. It provides insights on the ways in which the outlook for the region and the biggest global energy trends are deeply intertwined – as well as recommendations on policies that could allow Latin America and the Caribbean to take full advantage of its great potential.