Spain is a world leader in integration and of variable renewable energy and has built a robust electricity system with high shares of wind and solar PV. Cross-border connections are seen as essential to unlock Spain’s renewable energy potential and liquefied natural gas regasification capacity, the highest in the EU.


Key energy statistics

Key recommendations, 2015

  • Develop a long-term energy strategy

    Develop, in light of the EU 2030 targets, a long-term energy strategy covering all sectors, including energy demand, in close consultation with all stakeholders.

  • Develop gas and electricity market regulatory framework

    Maintain a strong long-term commitment balancing the costs and revenues in the electricity and natural gas systems. Follow the principles of transparency, predictability, and certainty when regularly revising the parameters for remuneration in these systems.

  • Develop energy taxation framework

    Reform energy taxation and introduce revenue-neutral fiscal incentives to encourage greenhouse gas emissions reductions and energy efficiency improvements.