Climate change

The energy sector is central to efforts to combat climate change

Promoting sustainable development and combating climate change have become integral aspects of energy planning, analysis and policy making. Energy accounts for two-thirds of total greenhouse gas, so efforts to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change must include the energy sector.

Key findings

Global energy-related CO2 emissions, 1900-2020


2020 has seen a major drop in global CO2 emissions

Largely as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, global CO2 emissions are expected to decline by 8% in 2020, or almost 2.6 gigatonnes, to levels of 10 years ago. Such a year-on-year reduction would be the largest ever, six times larger than the previous record reduction of 0.4 Gt in 2009 – caused by the global financial crisis – and twice as large as the combined total of all previous reductions since the end of World War II.