Paris Time Event — Rabat, Morocco

Climate Resilience for Energy Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa

Background information

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is one of the world’s regions most affected by climate change, imposing challenges on energy systems that are already straining to meet the demands of economic growth, energy security and social welfare. The IEA conducted its first climate hazard and exposure assessment for MENA’s energy systems, shown in the commentary “Climate Resilience is key to Energy Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa”. To support ongoing and future efforts towards climate-resilient energy transitions in the region, the IEA will release a series of country reports on Climate Resilience for Energy Transition in Egypt, Morocco and Oman. These reports provide tailored assessments of various climate hazards to the energy systems in these three countries and discuss how to further improve existing policy measures.

The key findings will be shared at this special side event, organised as a hybrid event together with IEA’s capacity building workshop on Morocco’s Clean Electricity Transition on 3-4 July 2023. At the event, participants will discuss the growing importance of climate resilience for energy transitions focusing on increasing climate risks to energy systems in the MENA region. The objective is to share international and regional perspectives on how to improve resilience against increasing climate change impacts and discuss how to enhance countries’ ongoing efforts towards climate resilience.