Recommendations of the Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions

About this report

The Global Commission for People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions believes that all clean energy transitions should be truly people-centred and inclusive, and that this is essential to the success of energy system transformation at the pace and scale required to deliver global ambition for climate change mitigation. Inaction is not an option.

Clean energy transitions will create jobs, enhance our quality of life and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment. A people-centred approach ensures the benefits and costs involved in the transformation of our energy system are distributed fairly and in a way that protects the most vulnerable in society. People-centred clean energy transitions require a focus on skills, decent jobs and worker protection; social and economic development; equity, social inclusion and fairness; and engaging people as active participants.

Our actionable recommendations draw on recent experiences and best practices from around the world. The Commission recognises that local circumstances and clean energy pathways will differ, and therefore these recommendations may be applied in different ways. The Commission intends for these recommendations to influence the clean energy policies and programmes of governments, funders, investors and international organisations globally in order to maximise their benefits to people and ensure the overall success of clean energy transitions on the path to net zero.