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Energy Prices: Overview

High-quality data on end-use energy prices

About this report

This report presents a selection of data from the IEA’s Energy Prices, which provides end-use energy price data across sectors for 139 countries going back to 1970. It covers prices for gasoline, automotive diesel, natural gas, electricity, kerosene, LPG, fuel oil, coal and other products, updated annually, with more detailed data on end-use prices and taxes, updated quarterly, for OECD countries. 


Energy prices represent a significant portion of our domestic expenditures, can determine industrial competitiveness and influence energy consumption. End-use prices -- those paid by final consumers -- are affected by movements in commodity markets, as well as by policy decisions. As countries move away from regulated energy prices, monitoring end-use prices around the world has become increasingly important for analysts and policy makers. The IEA Energy prices is the most reliable global database, using official sources with transparent and documented methodologies for each country.

 Energy prices product comprises two databases:

  • Energy prices and taxes of OECD countries with data updated quarterly;
  • World energy prices, with data updated annually.

In an effort to enhance coverage, starting with the 2022 edition coverage will expand to include four new countries: Libya, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The taxation database has been expanded with eight additional countries to cover 65 countries, of which 27 non-OECD, based on availability. This dataset is now also available in IVT format.

The Energy price product casts light on how energy prices and taxes vary around the world, and how they change over time.