06 - 07 Jun 2019

Workshop of the IEA’s Technology Collaboration Programme on Energy Technology Systems Analysis (IEA-ETSAP)

Workshop — Paris, France


The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP) is one of the longest running Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA). ETSAP currently has as contracting parties 20 countries, the European Commission and two private sector sponsors. ETSAP has a unique network of energy modelling teams, using models to provide scientific advice in support of better informed decision-making for the formulation of energy policy that fosters clean, secure, reliable and affordable energy systems to support sustainable economic growth and responsible environmental stewardship of our planet. ETSAP developed MARKAL which was superseded by TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL EFOM System), a powerful energy system model generator.

 The 75th ETSAP Workshop will focus on the work of the current Annex XIV "Understanding and Facilitating the Energy Transition to achieve the "Well below 2°C Goal".

Registration is free and open on www.iea-etsap.org/index.php/etsap-meeting.