25 Sep - 05 Oct 2018

Technical Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Hospitals and Schools: Multiple Benefits and Opportunities



Hospitals and schools deliver crucial public services that energy efficiency can reinforce. In Mexico, energy efficiency in public buildings, and in hospitals and schools in particular, is a public policy priority due to the benefits it can deliver. These can include: savings to public budgets, better comfort, healthier indoor environments, improved safety, and many others. The workshop aimed to support these goals by sharing international experience and engaging with government and non-governmental stakeholders.

The workshop was organized around three dimensions of energy efficiency in hospitals and schools:

  • The benefits that energy efficiency can deliver
  • Setting objectives and tracking progress with data and indicators
  • Experience and lessons learned on implementing energy efficiency policies, programmes and projects

A total of 47 people participated in the workshop, with attendees from the federal, state and local government, research centres, energy utilities, international agencies, and the finance sector.

Workshop: Agenda


Ana Lepure, IEA, Introducción a los Indicatores y Datos

Arjun Gupta, Smart Joules, Eliminating Energy Waste in Hospitals

Gabriela Reyes, SENER, Eficiencia y Sustentabilidad Energética en Escuelas y Hospitales

Julio Rovi, Consultant, Beneficios y Oportunidades en Escuelas

Sebastian Jure, Chilean Agency for Sustainable Energy, Eficiencia Energética en Hospitales de Alta Complejidad de Chile

Secretaría de Salud, México, Eficiencia Energética en Institutos Nacionales de Salud y Hospitales de Alta Especialidad de la Secretaría de Salud, Proyecto de Eficiencia y Sustentabilidad Energética en Municipios, Escuelas y Hospitales (PRESEMEH)