29 May 2015

Smart Grids in Distribution Networks - Expert Workshop in Support of Deployment and Integration in Mexico

Workshop — Mexico City, Mexico


This workshop marked the global launch of the IEA "How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks". To support deployment of smart grid technologies, governments need to enable the policy environment that will allow innovative investment in smart grids by establishing clear and consistent policies and long term implementation plans. Mexico’s sweeping energy reform in 2014, following the historic constitutional amendment of 2013, have brought the country’s electricity networks under the spotlight. Against this backdrop, the event provided a timely opportunity to explore essential technology, policy and finance considerations for developing and implementing a national roadmap for smart grids. The overarching objective of this workshop was to support the Mexican government in its continued efforts to smarten the electricity distribution system, with a view to accelerate the transition to a clean and advanced power system. To accomplish this objective, the workshop focused on:

  • (i) examining existing barriers or issues to technology deployment;
  • (ii) engaging relevant stakeholders in discussions on policy and investment opportunities;
  • (iii) identifying response actions that foster next steps towards energy innovation in Mexico.

The event also captured smart grid considerations for the future analytical work of the IEA, particularly with respect to the 2016 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives as well as feeding input to the 2016 update of the IEA global Technology Roadmap for Smart Grids. The workshop outputs may also inform future ISGAN work priority setting.

Session 1 - Energy Technology Perspectives 2015: Mobilising Innovation to Accelerate Climate Action

Session 2 - Smart Grid Innovation in Mexico

Session 3 - Addressing the Challenge of Integration through Policy and Targeted Investment 

Session 4 - Implementing Smart Grid Projects for Mexico: from Vision to Action Options



List of Participants

Workshop Highlights




Session 1: Energy Technology Perspectives 2015: Mobilising Innovation to Accelerate Climate Action

Moderator:  Edmundo Gil Borja, Director-General for Distribution and Marketing of Electricity and Social Involvement, Secretaría de Energía (SENER)


Please download here the full version of the "How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks".


Session 2: Smart grid innovation in Mexico

Moderator:  Michele de Nigris, Chair, International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)




Session 3: Addressing the challenge of integration through policy and targeted investment

Moderator: Cédric Philibert, Senior Energy Analyst Renewable Energy Technologies, IEA



Session 4: Implementing smart grid projects for Mexico: from vision to action options

Moderator: Joerg Husar, Programme Manager for Latin America and Caribbean, IEA

  • Group A: focus on grid integration of variable renewable energy sources and micro grids;
    • facilitated by Efrain Villanueva Arcos, Director-General for Clean Energy, SENER and Cédric Philibert, Senior Energy Analyst Renewable Energy Technologies, IEA
  • Group B: focus on loss reduction: collecting data and identifying indicators most relevant for monitoring and technology deployment; 
    • facilitated by Francisco Granados Rojas, Deputy General Director Smart Grids and Energy Quality, (CRE) and Jean-François Gagné, Head of Energy Technology  Policy Division, IEA
  • Group C: focus on collaboration among stakeholders, particularly for co-ordination on interoperability standards and sharing responsibilities, risks and benefits; 
    • facilitated by Milenko Matosik, SENER and Amanda Blank, Energy Analyst, IEA