17 Feb 2012

Russian Energy Agency - IEA Roundtable on Regulatory & Legal Mechanisms to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Workshop — Moscow, Russia


In the framework of the IEA-Russian Energy Agency MOU signed at the IEA Ministerial in October 2011 the IEA is working jointly with the Russian Energy Agency on a report focussed on enhancing energy efficiency in buildings in the Russia based on IEA member country best practices and lessons learned to date. This Report is to be finalized in Fall 2012. This roundtable meeting served as an important input to this process where experts could share their insights and understanding of the challenges faced in Russia in enhancing energy efficiency in the building sector and learn from the experience of IEA member countries with particular focus on the EU Directives in this area.

The roundtable was very timely given the focus in Russia on building energy codes and the implementation of energy efficiency policies in the residential sector. There was much discussion about the voluntary nature of building energy codes in Russia and the implementation challenges at the sub-national/regional and municipal level.

The roundtable was made possible with the support of the IEA’s Training and Capacity Building Center (TCB) together with the Russian Energy Agency.

About 35 participants took part at the roundtable including from various departments of the Russian Energy Agency, Ministry of Energy, UNDP, FESCO, Green Business Council, relevant Institutes and residential/building centers.

English agenda
Russian agenda


Development of Russian Legal Framework in the Sphere of Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Rinat Ibragimovich Mametov, Senior Specialist, Energy Efficiency Legal and Regulatory Drafting Department, Russian Energy Agency

Buildings Energy Efficiency Policies: The European Policy Package
Yamina Saheb & Ellina Levina, International Energy Agency

Moderator: Nelly Segisova, Deputy Director, International Co-operation, Russian Energy Agency

Buildings Energy Efficiency Policies Codes, Labels and Incentive Schemes
Yamina Saheb & Ellina Levina, International Energy Agency

Buildings Standards and Regulations in Russia
Alexander Konstantinovich Djincharadze, Director for Regulatory Issues, Russian Energy Agency

Labelling policies in Russia for buildings, appliances, lighting and equipment
Guy Ames, General Director, Russian Green Buildings Council

Methodological Approaches in Priorizing Investments in Energy Efficiency Projects in the Residential Sector and District Heating Systems
Petr Arkadyevich Shomov, Director, Industry Energy Scientific Center

Moderator: Nelly Segisova, Deputy Director, International Cooperation, Russian Energy Agency