11 Jun 2012

Modelling the Impact of Energy Efficiency Policies in the Buildings Sector

Workshop — Rome, Italy


The IEA Sustainable Buildings Centre is developing a bottom-up model to assess the impact of implementing buildings energy efficiency policies in terms of energy savings, CO2 emissions reductions, implementation costs and economic benefits at the country and end-users level.

At this meeting, we seek your expertise to discuss policy scenarios, modelling methodologies and data quality. We would also like to collaborate with you on knowledge sharing, data calibration and indicators harmonization. The resulting model will present its assumptions, parameters and data used in a transparent way.

For more information about the IEA building programme, visit: www.sustainablebuildingscentre.org or e-mail aurelien.saussay@iea.org


IEA-SBC Model Structure (Yamina Saheb and Aurélien Saussay)

Data collection and quality: how can we work together on data calibration? (Jens Laustsen)