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26 - 27 Oct 2016 Paris Time Workshop

Life in the fast lane: evolving paradigms for mobility and transportation systems of the future



Executive Summary

Meeting Scope

This workshop will focus on the evolving paradigms for future mobility and transportation systems. The workshop will gather input from a wide range of actors, sectors, and regions. Key speakers will be invited from leading agencies, research entitites, and academia. The workshop's goal is to identify novel approaches and RD&D needs, gaps, and opportunities that could accelerate innovation and facilitate market uptake and transformation. Participants will also discuss potential barriers and strategies to address them.

A public report will summarise the results and identify the key challenges, highlight promising technologies, sample activities underway in various countries and sectors, identify RD&D priorities and gaps in current programmes, provide a sampling of best practices, and recommend innovation areas that require policy attention.

Target Audience

In addition to EGRD national experts, we are seeking input from RD&D decision makers, strategic planners, and program managers from industry, academia, think tanks, national laboratories, and government. Participation is by invitation only.  

Session 1: Introduction

Introduction: Rob Kool, EGRD Chair

Key note: Reuben Sarkar, DOE

Technology and policy pathways to achieve the 2-degree scenario (ETP 2016): Jacob Teter, IEA

The future of transportation: the defining challenges for the 21st century: Chris Gerdes, DOE

Session 2: Transportation and mobility technologies of the future

Freight mobility and supertruck: Roland Gravel, Vehicle Technology Office, DOE

Market uptake of battery & hybrid electric vehicles: targets, incentives & research needs in Norway: Lasse Fridstrøm, Institute of Transport Economics

National innovation programme on hydrogen and fuel cells in Germany : Johannes Tambornino, Projektträger Jülich

The EU's experience in transportation innovation

Session 3: Technology R&D: barriers and solutions

Current market trends in transportation and R&D opportunities for ITSs: Alex Schroeder, NREL, DOE

Technology R&D challenges in enabling autonomous and connected vehicles

Testing and deploying new solutions through collaboration

Session 4: Policy and markets supporting future transportation technologies 

Business models for ultra-low emissions vehicles and sustainable business models: Gavin Harper, Midlands University, United Kingdom

Measuring influences on automated vehicle market development: consumer acceptance and adoption: Johanna Zmud, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Future scenarios and technology for urban transport/role of traffic modeling in future transport systems: Otto Anker Nielsen, DTU