27 - 28 May 2014 Workshop — Paris, France

Joint Strategic Workshop on CHP and DHC Technologies


This workshop was a joint event including both the IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative and the Clean Energy Ministerial CHP/DHC Working Group, aimed at discussing the programme of work for Phase IV (2015-2016). The two organisations have worked closely together since the re-launch of the IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative in 2013.

The IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative was initiated in 2007 with the goal of advancing international data quality, analysis, and awareness about the importance of CHP and DHC as a sustainable energy strategy. The Clean Energy Ministerial CHP/DHC Working Group was created in 2010 as part of Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership, with the mission of increasing awareness about the vast potential of CHP and efficient DHC to help reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions, increasing the use of renewable resources for heat and power production, reducing dependence on imported energy and increasing economic competitiveness and employment.

The meeting on 27-28 May 2014 brought together collaborators to present the results from Phase III and discuss the programme of work for Phase IV through roundtable discussion where all attendants can share experiences and views on strategic areas of analysis that focus on CHP and DHC as flexibility enablers and the benefits of integrating these technologies in the Smart City concept. The participants agree to work on a work plan for the next two years, and assign roles and responsibilities for implementation.


Welcome speech
Jean-François Gagné, Energy Technology and Policy Division Head, IEA

Update from Clean Energy Ministerial CHP/DHC Working Group
Pentti Puhakka, Energy Dpt. Ministry of Employment and the Economy Finland

IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative Phase III
CHP/DHC Country Scorecards series
Kira West, IEA

Linking heat and electricity systems: Co-generation and DHC solutions for a clean energy future report
Kira West, IEA; John Dulac, IEA; Araceli Fernandez, IEA

IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative next steps: Phase IV
Araceli Fernandez, IEA

IEA ETP 2016 project: theme and scope
Jean-François Gagné, Energy Technology and Policy Division Head, IEA; John Dulac, IEA

Euroheat & Power: DHC and EU policy framework
Paul Voss, Euroheat & Power

CEM Global Sustainable Cities Network (GSCN): overview of latest and coming activities
Albin Carlén, GSCN

Euroheat & Power: The role of thermal grids in the Smart City
Ralf-Roman Schmidt, Austrian Institute of Technology

21st Century Power Partnership: overview of latest and coming activities
Ron Benioff, 21st Century Power Partnership

International Smart Grid (ISGAN): overview of latest and coming activities
Yonghun Jung and Bo Diczfalusy, ISGAN

Role of integrated DHC and CHP technologies within the Japanese energy strategy
Motohiro Sei, Japan Gas Association

Role of flexible and resilient energy generation systems in US
Katrina Pielli, US DoE ; Rob Thornton, IDEA

EU Energy Efficiency Directive – data collection experience from countries
Germany - Maria Grajcar, AGFW
UK - Jonathan Graham, CHPA

Euroheat & Power: Heat Roadmap Europe 2050, heat mapping and modelling capabilities
Henrik Lund, Aalborg University

IEA DHC Implementing Agreement: overview of latest and coming activities
Robin Wiltshire, DHC Implementing Agreement


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