05 - 06 Jun 2012

International Conference on Bioenergy in Russia

Conference — Moscow, Russia



In the news

The International Energy Agency collaborates with the Kurchatov Institute on Bioenergy”  


Project Details

For more information, please also refer to the Russian Bioenergy Technology Platform website at www.tp-bioenergy.ru/en/

International speakers presentations:

Session 1: Welcome and opening session

Keynote speech by Ulrich Benterbusch, Director of Global Energy Dialogue, International Energy Agency

Session 2: Perspectives on Bioenergy in Russia and worldwide

  • Adam Brown, International Energy Agency

Session 3: Global and regional market and policy perspectives for Bioenergy

  • Josef Spitzer, IEA Bioenergy Implementing Agreement
  • Arnaldo Walter, University of Campinos-UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Mikael Nordlander, Vattenfall, Sweden

Session 4: The use of biomass and wastes for bioenergy: international experience and applications in Russia

  • Adam Brown, Senior analyst, International Energy Agency
  • Georgiy Geletukha, Scientific Engineering Centre «Biomass» Ltd., Ukraine 

Session 5: Barriers and opportunities for Bio-Energy project development in Russia (investment, policy, regional issues)

Session 6: Administration and follow-up activities