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02 - 03 Oct 2018 Paris Time Workshop — Paris, France

InterEnerStat Meeting 2018


To explore how international organisations can enhance cooperation to allow countries to provide improved official energy data



1st Day – 2 October 2018 - morning

Opening session and Introductions

Chair: Duncan Millard (International Energy Agency)

Welcome, purpose and objectives, Duncan Millard, IEA Chief Statistician
Round table of introductions

Session 1: Regional/organisational priorities for energy statistics top 3 priorities (purpose –
to get an understanding of the needs for developments in energy data looking to the future
and the similarities or differences so we can see areas for additional cooperation on
methodologies etc to help ensure consistency of comparisons)

Chair: Duncan Millard (IEA)

Edito Barcelona, APEC

Marek Sturc, Eurostat

Dr. Mona Shokripour, GECF

Pavel Shermanau, IPCC

Erica Robin, IEA

Barbara Muik, UNFCCC

Adrian Whiteman, IRENA

Andres Schuschny, OLADE

Leonardo Souza, UNSD

Contributions from other organisations
Discussion on potential synergies

Session 2: Taking forward work on energy efficiency, including the G20 End Use data Initiative

Chair: Edito Barcelona (APEC)

Roberta Quadrelli, IEA

Goichi Komori, APEC

Marek Sturc, Eurostat

Session 3: IRES – dissemination updates

Chair: Andrii Gritsevskyi (IAEA)

Leonardo  Souza, UNSD

Céline Rouquette IEA

Discussion on promoting IRES

Session 4: New data challenges and statistical reporting, how can we work on guidance for areas alongside IRES

Chair: Andrii Gritsevskyi (IAEA)

Adrian Whiteman, IRENA (measurement of renewables)

Edito Barcelona, ‌ (Challenges in collecting data on district cooling in non-OECD APEC member economies)

Céline Rouquette, IEA (Countries requests for estimation techniques)

Leonardo  Souza, UNSD (Oslo Group work areas: a) Admin data, big data, new/innovative data sources; b) best practices and update manuals; and c) estimation methods for off grid energy and biomass)

Marek Sturc, Eurostat

Julian Prime, IEA (Hydrogen)

Roberta Quadrelli, IEA (Energy Efficiency)

Session 5: Training and capacity building cooperation update

Chair: Andres Schuschny (OLADE)

Axelle Julin, IEA

Claire Morel, IEA (EU 4 Energy project)

Session 6: Engaging countries to provide data

Chair:Leonardo Souza (UNSD)

Fuad Al-Zayer, IEF  (experience from JODI)

Andres Schuschny, OLADE

Discussion on ways forward

Session 7: Enhancing data timeliness through Digitalisation and achieving access to data

Chair: Duncan Millard (IEA)

Julian Prime, IEA

Session 8: Work by organizations to reduce burden on countries whilst ensuring international data comparability

Chair: Roberto Arenas Lara (GECF)

Session 9: SDMX – update on work by IEA and Eurostat and steps towards an international agreed specification

Chair: Adrian Whiteman (IRENA)

Session 10: Data sharing of published data with other organisations and re-dissemination rules (copyright)

Chair: Duncan Millard (IEA)

Marek Sturc, Eurostat

Yuichiro Torikata, IEF 

Round table

Session 11: AoB and Discussion and Conclusions

Chair: Duncan Millard (IEA)

Closing remarks – Paul Simons DED (IEA)