07 Feb 2012

IEA-OPEC joint workshop on CO2-EOR for Emissions Reduction

Workshop — Kuwait City, Kuwait


This workshop is an important element in the IEA Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Unit’s work programme on storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) through enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The work programme, which aims to analyse the benefits and potential of, and barriers facing CO2-EOR, places emphasis on improving our understanding of the role this established technology can play in contributing to a cleaner world energy future.

Specific objectives of the workshop include:

  • Gaining insight into the commercial and economic aspects of CO2-EOR for CO2 storage;
  • Reviewing CO2-EOR technology, its potential benefits and the technical considerations, challenges and risks of turning CO2-EOR into CO2 storage;
  • Sharing lessons learned from former and current CO2-EOR projects; and
  • Identifying areas of mutual interest for a possible follow-up workshop.

Participants list
Workshop report

Session II: EOR techniques and why CO2-EOR

Why CO2-EOR?
Dr Malcolm Wilson, PTRC

Prospects & challenges of combining CO2-EOR and CCS
Mr Michael L. Godec, Advanced Resources International

The economics of combining CO2-EOR with storage
Dr Klaas van ‘t Veld, University of Wyoming

Session III: CO2-EOR storage projects worldwide

Lessons & Opportunities
Mr Xavier H. Maasarani, Shell

Session V: Opportunities for CO2-EOR and Storage

Petroamazonas, Ecuador: Corporate strategy EOR/IOR
Mr. Francisco Paz & Mr Oswaldo Madrid

Exploring Opportunities for CO2-EOR in OPEC member countries
Misfera Al Qahtani

Session IV: The role of CO2-EOR in IEA analysis

Review of CO2-EOR in IEA analysis
Dr Paul Zakkour, Carbon Counts

CO2-EOR in ongoing and future IEA analysis
Dr Sean McCoy, IEA Secretariat