23 Jun 2021 14:00—16:00 Paris Time Webinar

IEA Energy Efficiency Policy and Digital Tools Workshop

Governments are continually looking for opportunities to deliver greater value to their citizens, businesses and vulnerable communities. Digital technologies including cloud and mobile computing, big data and analytics and increased connectivity offer a wide range of benefits to enhance and increase access to services while reducing program delivery costs. As energy efficiency is distributed across millions of homes, appliances, businesses, and vehicles, where aggregation and transparency present challenges for greater activation, digitalisation offers great potential. At the same time, digitalisation offers opportunities to enhance energy efficiency policies and programs through improved monitoring and evaluation and reducing the need for specialised resources such as through online tools. This can be particularly valuable in engagement which is tailored to community needs. 

This workshop will provide energy efficiency policy makers with insights into the opportunities to collect new data, process and analyse data and how such evidence can be used to better support policy design and implementation. Drawing on case studies from around the world, best practice examples will be identified including how to approach issues such as data management, privacy and protection. The discussion will support an IEA publication on the issue to encourage greater adoption of these tools.