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IEA at COP26: Working together to accelerate clean energy technology innovation

Background information

This event will bring together a number of high-level speakers to discuss how countries, companies and international organisations are responding to the challenge to speed up the pace of clean energy technology development. IEA analysis indicates that almost 50% of CO2 emissions reductions in 2050 in a net-zero emissions scenario would need to come from technologies currently at demonstration or prototype stage. The needs are most intense in the so-called hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industry and long-distance transport but, across the board, climate targets will be easier to meet when technologies are cheaper, more efficient and more effective. Two challenge face decision-makers: how to attract more investment into impactful R&D and demonstration, especially in areas like hydrogen, bioenergy and CCUS; and how to facilitate dynamic, global markets that continually encourage innovation, even in maturing sectors like batteries, renewable electricity and electric mobility. The objective is to hear the visions of leading voices on these challenges and learn how good practices in international cooperation can help to tackle them.

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