30 Jun 2021 14:00—15:15 Paris Time Report launch

High-level Online Launch Event on the Role of Hydropower on the Path to Net Zero

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Hydropower is expected to play a critical role in supporting electricity security in clean energy transitions because it can produce large amounts of low-carbon electricity and provide a substantial part of the flexibility that is required to enable faster and cost-effective deployment and system integration of solar PV and wind.

At this high-level launch event for the IEA’s new Hydropower Special Market Report — opened by the IEA Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol, Norway’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy Ms. Tina Bru, Canada's Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Mr. Jean-François Tremblay, and UN Under-Secretary General Dr. Vera Songwe — senior representatives from leading countries and relevant stakeholders will discuss the importance of sustainable hydropower on the global energy and climate agenda. The dialogue will cover topics such as the central role that hydropower and its multiple benefits can play in underpinning socio-economic development in emerging & developing economies, as well as the critical contribution of hydropower for electricity security in power systems with much higher shares of variable renewables.