Workshop — Paris, France

G20 Energy End-Use Data and Energy Efficiency Metrics initiative: Uncovering the role of digitalization for energy efficiency indicators

G20 Energy End Use Data Workshop Family Photo


Opening session – Welcome address

  • IEA  (IEA Deputy Executive Director)
  • Valérie Quiniou (ADEME executive director of prospective and research)
  • Masana Ezawa (Director, Energy Efficiency Division - METI Japan)

Session 1 –Setting the scene: the role of end-use data and indicators

  • The importance of energy efficiency data for policy-making
  • The necessity of disaggregating data to end use
  • Recap of important outcomes from the previous workshops

Session 2 – International frameworks for data collection

  • Data governance. Institutional frameworks.
  • Cooperation within and outside G20
  • Existing data collection mechanisms
  • Presentations from countries and discussion 
  • Discussion

Session 3 - Developments in traditional data collection methodologies

  • What has been improved recently (data quality, representativeness, reduction of costs)?
  • What are the major challenges remaining across data collection methodologies?
  • Best practices across end-use sectors and sub-sectors
  • Presentations from countries and discussion
  • Discussion and wrap-up for the day

Session 4 – From data collection to statistics and indicators

  • From surveys to end-use data
  • Making sense of the data collected
  • Using end use data for benchmarking work
  • Presentations from countries and discussion
  • Discussion

Session 5 – The role of new technologies/digitalization for end-use data collection

  • Overview of the initiative paper and survey results
  • The role of new technologies in improving end-use data collection
  • Innovative practices implemented
  • What are the challenges around use of new technologies for data collection? (Cybersecurity, social acceptance, affordability)
  • Presentations from countries
  • Presentations from countries and discussion

Session 6 – Setting priorities for further work

  • Round table on G20 countries views and possible bilateral/multilateral cooperation
  • Lessons learnt
  • Next steps

Closing session and farewell