12 Dec 2016

G20: Energy End-Use Data and Energy Efficiency Metrics initiative

Workshop — Paris, France



Welcome Address
François Moisan, Director of strategy, Research and International Direction, ADEME on behalf of the French government

Keynote Welcome
Paul Simons, Executive Deputy Director, IEA

Session 1:
 End-use data collection and its use in national policy
Chair: Duncan Millard, IEA

The importance of energy efficiency data for policy - Brian Motherway, IEA
The importance of end-use data for monitoring energy efficiency - Isabelle Vincent, ADEME
Canada - John Appleby, Natural Resources Canada
Italy - Gabriella Azzolini, ENEA
Indonesia - Golfritz Sahattua Sohuturon, PUSDATIN
China - Jianwu Wen, NBS
United States - Eileen O’Brien, EIA
UK - Julian Prime, BEIS
Australia - Louise Vickery, DEE and ARENA
Mexico - Juan Navarrete, CONUEE

Questions and Answers

Efficiency data in the APEC economies - Masazumi Hirono, APERC

Session 2: International assistance on end-use data collection
Chair: Isabelle Vincent, ADEME

Residential data collection – MESH - Cristian Feite, Eurostat
The IEA experience – sharing good practices - Gianluca Tonolo, IEA
The experience in Latin America : the BIEE project Andres Schuschny, UN ECLAC

Session 3: The energy end-use data and metrics initiative: how to move forward?
Chair: Isabelle Vincent, ADEME

An overview of the survey results - Roberta Quadrelli, IEA 
Proposed elements for international cooperation on end-use data and metrics - Didier Bosseboeuf, ADEME, France
Roundtable on G20 countries views and priorities on the initiative 

François Moisan ADEME, France and Duncan Millard, IEA