24 Jan 2018

Fusion R&D priorities




Introductory remarks

Chair, Fusion Power Co-ordinating Committee

State-of-play of fusion R&D

Carrie Pottinger, International Energy Agency (IEA)

ITER R&D challenges, needs and the way forward

Bernard Bigot, Director-General, ITER

DEMO and Industry R&D needs

  DEMO R&D needs

  Gianfranco Federici, EUROFusion

  From ITER to DEMO

  Leonardo Biagioni, Head of Procurement, Fusion for Energy (F4E)

Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: FPCC Chair

Questions for discussion:

  • FPCC delegates views on R&D priorities
  • Which R&D priorities require enhanced international collaboration?
  • New contributions from Technology Collaboration Programmes?

Wrap-up and closing remarks

Chair, Fusion Power Co-ordinating Committee

Meeting close