13 - 14 Feb 2013

Energy Storage Technology Roadmap Workshop

Workshop — Paris, France


Energy storage technologies can be used in a wide variety of applications and is a very valuable source of ancillary services and flexibility to the energy system, but its deployment is restricted by high capital costs and round trip inefficiency. However, in specific cases where the competing technologies are expensive, the value of storage can outweigh this significant barrier. Increased production from variable renewable generation and the increasing need for flexibility in the future may create new opportunities for storage. Much research and development work is underway internationally, exploring new ways to achieve the benefits of storage at lower cost to reduce the costs of new and emerging storage technologies and to address the other barriers towards increased deployment. Therefore it is paramount that energy storage is considered and evaluated from the context of current status and future development and deployment opportunities in the energy system. 

One of the key goals of the roadmap is to contextualise its value in a way that is both technically correct and accessible to high-level policy makers and other energy system stakeholders.  This will include concepts that address the current status, predicted evolution in comparison with current and future energy system needs.  The inputs to the roadmap will be developed through expert workshops, detailed analyses and modelling (final schedule and scoping is dependant on resources made available).


Technology Roadmaps Overview
Cecilia Tam, IEA

Grid Connected Energy Storage for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Use - An Australian Perspective
Dr. Tony Vassallo, University of Sydney 

International Energy Agency Energy Conservation through Energy Storage Programme - since 1978
Dr. Halime Paksoy, IEA ECES Chair, Cukurova University

Working Group 7 - 2012 Final Report on Energy Storage
Rao Konidena, GO-15

Thermal Energy Storage Today
Dr. Halime Paksoy, IEA ECES Chair, Cukurova University

Switzerland's Perspectives on Energy Storage
Gunter Siddiqi

Wind Power & Energy Storage in the ERCOT Electricity Market
Jared Garrison, The University of Texas at Austin

PassivSystems: Energy Storage - IEA Paris
Mike Patterson, PassivSystems


Other related information
Technology roadmaps