13 - 14 Jun 2018 Workshop — Paris, France

CCUS Policy and Investment Workshop


The objective of the CCUS Policy and Investment Workshop will be to discuss opportunities to accelerate commercial deployment of CCUS worldwide as a key emissions mitigation technology. It will bring together leading experts and key stakeholders across government, industry, NGOs and the financial community to consider how innovative policy approaches and new business models can support CCUS investment.

The workshop will consider:

•  Targeted policy approaches and mechanisms to support investment and address the unique integration and risk allocation challenges faced by CCUS projects
•  New business models which can help to close the commercial gap for CCUS investment, including through CO2 use
•  The role of financing in supporting investment decisions and how progressive financing arrangements could reduce project costs
•  Strategies for developing CO2 transport and storage infrastructure to underpin the large-scale deployment of CO2 capture projects in the short-term and long-term
•  The role of global partnerships and coalitions in supporting rapid and widespread uptake of CCUS technologies

The June workshop will build on the themes and priorities discussed at the highlevel CCUS Summit hosted by the IEA in November 2017. The Summit, which was co-Chaired by the US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and the IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol, recognised the importance of CCUS in supporting global energy transformations and the need for strengthened partnerships to identify and expand CCUS investment opportunities. At the Summit, the IEA offered five priority areas of action to boost CCUS investment with the Five keys to unlock CCS investment report.

Important links:
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