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20 - 21 Feb 2012 Paris Time Workshop

CCS: Regaining Momentum


The workshop was developed as an annex event to the 61st meeting of the IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology. It was organised by the IEA and hosted by the Australian Government’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. The workshop brought together a mix of IEA Member governments and CCS specialists from industry, academia and research institutes.

Its objectives were to provide a platform for exchange of information and to identify areas for further work by the IEA. The programme addressed the current status of CCS technologies, potential synergies and co-benefits of CCS with biomass and enhanced oil recovery, current knowledge and issues for global CO2 storage potential and lessons learnt from various projects around the world.



Opening Session:

Technology Update
Prof. Kelly Thambimuthu, IEA GHG IA

Session 1: Pushing the boundary: Developing synergies and achieving co-benefits of CCS

Enhanced oil recovery and CCS: kick-starting early projects
Dr Sean McCoy, IEA Secretariat

Value-added fossil fuels: Coal to liquids with CCS
Lewis Jeffery, CCS TLM

Biomass with CCS: achieving negative emissions
Michiel Carbo, ECN The Netherlands

Session 2

Overview of CO2 storage capacity assessment methodologies for saline aquifers
Rick Causebrook, Geoscience Australia

Session 3: Project update: where do we stand with global project development?

Global Status of CCS Projects
Barry Jones, GCCSI

Project Report: ZeroGen
Prof. Chris Greig, University of Queensland

Project Report: Alstom and Datang
Gwen Andrews, Alstrom

Incentive Policy Strategy for CCS
Juho Lipponen, IEA Secretariat

Closing Session

Financing CCS projects
James Baird, Clinton Foundation