22 Jul 2021 09:00—11:00

ASEAN-IEA Webinar: The Role of Industry in Buildings Policy Development


Industry and private commercial organisations play a critical role in driving forward the application transition to zero-carbon and sustainable buildings. Companies spend considerable sums on energy for their buildings each year, but importantly they are also the producers of services and technologies that use energy. The opportunity for business to reduce their energy intensity, and therefore energy costs and CO2 emissions, through energy efficiency are considerable. Business is also a key part of delivering low-energy technologies to governments, households and other businesses. As part of the offering, business have an opportunity to bring their innovative approach to development and finding new business models to improving the energy performance of buildings across ASEAN. The activities of businesses in terms of the innovations they create and the business models they produce will be the focus of this webinar.

The webinar will inform and seek input from government, private industry and commercial organisations on actions and strategies that would support pursuit of market opportunities.

The webinar will facilitate experience sharing and the dissemination of case examples nationally, regionally, and internationally.

This webinar is part of a collaborative project between the IEA and the ASEAN Member States through the Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Sub Sector Network, the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN Centre for Energy and is supported by the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II (AADCP II) to develop regional roadmaps for buildings and space cooling. This event aims to bring together expert policy makers from local and national governments, academics, and international organisations from across Southeast Asia to share their knowledge and experience on buildings energy efficiency. Their expertise will be invaluable to inform the roadmap process.