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28 - 29 May 2018 Paris Time Workshop

Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus through R&D Planning and Policies


Executive Summary

Full Summary Report


Meeting Scope

This EGRD workshop provided understandings of the issues of the energy-water nexus and highlighted best practice and opportunities, including integrated systems, governance, regulations, and markets (national, inter-regional or inter-national). Participants explored opportunities for addressing the energy-water nexus in order to inform more effective R&D planning and policies.


Session 1: Introduction

Welcome: Ms. Charlina Vitcheva, Deputy Director General, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Introduction: Dr. Birte Holst Jorgensen, EGRD Chair

Session 2: Setting the scene

The importance of the energy-water nexus for achieving the SDGs: Ms. Molly Walton, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Global water scarcity assessments: shared socio-economic pathways: Dr. Naota Hanasaki, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Managing energy and water through modelling: Dr. Ignacio Hidalgo González, Joint Research Centre, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate - Unit C7, European Commission

Smart cities - integrated systems: Dr. Alfred Johny Wüest, Head, Aquatic Physics Group, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG)

Session 3: Water for energy

Managing the impact of drought through seasonal forecasts of hydroelectric production: Dr. Marcello Petitta, Researcher, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) (Italy)

Overview of the water-energy-CCS nexus: Dr. Monica Garcia, Technology Collaboration Programme on Greenhouse Gas (GHG TCP)

Advanced Research on Dry Cooling (ARID): Dr. Michael Ohadi, Programme Director, ARPA-E ARID programme 

Positive bioenergy and water relationships: Ms. Constance Miller, Programme Adviser, Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 

Session 4 : Energy for water

Energy efficiency and hygiene in drinking water installations - focus: apartment buildings: Dr. Karin Rühling, Professor, TU Dresden

Linking of water and energy models and objectives in an urban context:  Dr. Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Professor, DTU Environment

Solar thermal energy and waste water management in industrial processes: Mr. Christoph Brunner, AEE Intec, Austria

Efficient waste water plants – the case of Nereda: Mr. Andreas Giesen, Technology Director, Royal Haskoning DHV ‌

Session 5: Integrated approaches to energy and water

Integrated water and power system modelling challenge: Dr. Diana Bauer, Director for Energy Systems Analysis and Integration, Office of Policy, US Department of Energy  

Managing complex socio-technical infrastructure and systems: Dr Giovanni Sansavini, Professor, ETH Zürich

Pyrolysis and thermal gasification of sludge - energy production in waste water treatment: Dr. Jesper Ahrenfeldt, Senior Researcher, DTU Chemical Engineering, Denmark

Session 6: Governance, markets and regulations and the SDGs

Designing collaborative and adaptive approaches to river basin development: Ms. Cristina Diez-Santos, International Hydropower Association 

Energy-water ecosystems nexus: Reducing transboundary frictions: Ms.Lucia de Strasser, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Session 7: Summary and workshop close

Final discussion