11 - 12 Sep 2013

13th IEA-IETA-EPRI Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading

Workshop — Paris, France


‌The International Energy Agency (IEA), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) hosted their 13th annual workshop on emissions trading on 11th & 12th September 2013. This high-level international workshop brought together:

  • senior officials from OECD countries, the European Union and other nations
  • corporate executives from energy-intensive industries, plus electric, brokerage and financial companies
  • analysts and researchers from non-governmental organisations and academia

The workshop combined presentations on recent research with interactive discussions. The agenda is here (2012's is here and 2011’s here).

ECF Roadmap 2050 Project: "From Roadmaps to Reality"


Session 1

S1 FERNANDEZ Views of implementing a GHG market mechanism in Chile

S1 OH The Korean Emission Trading System

S1 SWARTZ China Takes on Emissions Trading 

Session 2

S2 DIAMANT The Interaction of Complementary Policies and GHG Cap-and-Trade in California

S2 ROQUES The European Trading Scheme Overlap with complementary policies

S2 AGOSTINI Integration of emission tradings and complementary policies and measures

Session 3

S3 MACNAUGHTON The role of offsets and new market mechanisms in climate policy

S3 SIKORSKI What’s up with offsets?

S3 SMITH Putting climate policy into practice

Session 4

S4 BARITAUD Securing Power during the Transition to Low Carbon Electricity Systems

S4 BLYTHE Investment risks in a decarbonising electricity market

Session 5

S5 LITTELL North American GHG Trading Regimes: An Overview

S5 HOLDSWORTH The Future of GHG Trading in North America: A Power Sector Perspective

Session 6

S6 BENOIT Linking Québec and California Cap-and-Trade Systems

S6 DICKSON Linking regional and national emissions trading programmes: the path to a global carbon market?

S6 KELLY Carbon market linkages: Industry perspectives

S6 MARCU Linking domestic trading programs: FVA under UNFCCC

Session 7

S7 FORRISTER The Evolution of Carbon Markets

S7 SEALY Carbon markets in a future climate agreement: the road to 2020 and beyond


(Please note, not all speakers used presentations.)