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Hydrogen production projects interactive map

Project-level data on low-emissions hydrogen production worldwide, created to complement the Global Hydrogen Review 2023.

Our interactive global map features operational and announced projects to produce low-emissions hydrogen, classified by technology route and status, from concept to operation. The IEA collected this data as part of efforts to track advances in the production of low-emissions hydrogen.


CCUS = carbon capture, utilisation and storage; FID = final investment decision. The “Other” technology group includes technologies other than water electrolysis or fossil-based technologies coupled with carbon capture and storage, such as biogas pyrolysis, biogas reforming or membrane separation. The map does not show information on projects which are confidential or for which the location has not been determined, but their electrolysis and production capacities have been included in the data shown above.


Hydrogen production project database link. The Hydrogen Production Projects Database covers all projects commissioned worldwide since 2000 to produce hydrogen for energy or climate change-mitigation purposes. It includes projects that have the objective either to reduce emissions associated with producing hydrogen for existing applications, or to use hydrogen as an energy carrier or industrial feedstock in new applications that have the potential to be a low-emissions technology option. Projects in planning or under construction are also included. The data file is available for download.