Hydrogen Production and Infrastructure Projects Database

Tracks data on projects for the production of hydrogen for energy or climate change-mitigation purposes and the development of hydrogen infrastructure

A worldwide database of hydrogen projects

The IEA produced these datasets as part of efforts to track advances in low-emissions hydrogen technology.

The Hydrogen Production Projects Database covers all projects commissioned worldwide since 2000 to produce hydrogen for energy or climate change-mitigation purposes. It includes projects that have the objective either to reduce emissions associated with producing hydrogen for existing applications, or to use hydrogen as an energy carrier or industrial feedstock in new applications that have the potential to be a low-emissions technology option. Projects in planning or under construction are also included.

The Hydrogen Infrastructure Projects Database covers all projects under development worldwide of hydrogen pipelines, underground storage facilities and import/export terminals dedicated to low-emissions hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.

These databases complements other technology-related tracking efforts, such as the Clean Energy Demonstration Projects Database and the CCUS Projects Database.


Several organisations and companies provided essential input and feedback on the databases. They include: Air Liquide; AtlantHy; Bayernets; Belgium Hydrogen Council; bp; Cepsa; Colombian Hydrogen Association; Conexus Baltic Grid; Confederation of Indian Industry; Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, United Kingdom; Department of Energy, United States; Desfa; EDF; European Hydrogen Observatory; Enagás Renovables; Enagás; Eni; Equinor; ExxonMobil; Fluxys; France Hydrogène; H2 Chile; Gas Connect Austria GmbH; Gas Storage Denmark; Gascade; Gasunie; GRTgas; Hydrogen Europe; Iberdrola; Infinite Green Energy; Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, United Arab Emirates; NET4GAS; Nordion Energi; OGE; Ontras; Plinovodi; Port of Rotterdam; Teréga; Terranets bw GmbH; Thyssengas; thyssenkrupp nucera; Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH; Repsol; RWE; Snam; Sunfire; thyssenkrupp steel; Verso Energy; Woodside; and Yara.

Data sets

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Hydrogen production projects

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  • Hydrogen production projects (corrected 23/01/2024)

Hydrogen infrastructure projects

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  • Hydrogen infrastructure projects


The Hydrogen Production and Infrastructure Projects Database is updated annually in October.

  • 31/10/2023

    October 2023

  • 10/10/2022

    October 2022

  • 04/10/2021

    October 2021

  • 15/06/2020

    June 2020

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