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Emissions Factors 2022

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Emissions Factors 2022

2022 edition (AVAILABLE in September 2022) Annual GHG emission factors for World countries from electricity and heat generation


Available 16.09.2022

2022 edition - Available for purchase in September 2022

The Emissions Factors database includes the following indicators related to emissions from electricity and heat generation: 

  • CO2 emission factors from electricity and heat generation for world countries (in CO2 per kWh, 1990 to 2020).
  • CO2 emission factors from electricity only generation (CHP electricity included) for world countries (in CO2 per kWh,1990 to 2020).
  • Latest year emission factors for OECD countries and selected non-OECD countries based on provisional electricity generation data (in CO2 per kWh, 2021).
  • Correction factors for CO2 emissions induced by electricity losses in the grid (in CO2 per kWh,1990 to 2020).
  • Correction factors for CO2 emissions induced by electricity trade for OECD countries (in CO2 per kWh,1990 to 2020).
  • CH4 and N2O emission factors from electricity generation (in CO2eq per kWh,1990 to 2020). 
  • Emission factors for fuel consumption in other sectors than electricity and heat production (in CO2 per kg of fuel).

With the objective to increase the geographical coverage of the statistical information provided, the IEA has included in the 2022 edition CO2 emission factors for electricity and heat generation for a complementary set of over forty countries until 2019.

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Single and multi-user licences can be purchased directly online. These licences are exclusively for a single company or group and do not allow you to do work with third parties or put the data in a model for which the derived data would be visible or available to third parties (see below).

A single user licence is appropriate as long as only one person can access or view the data. If other users were able to view even the results of the calculations in a shared internal tool then you would need a licence to reflect all the users – if they are worldwide then a global licence would be needed. 

We would therefore expect all multinationals to purchase the global licence (unlimited users, multiple locations).

Do I need a contract or permission?

If you are doing work for clients, i.e. third parties, e.g. calculating or verifying their carbon footprint you need to enter into a separate Agreement and pay a fee as this usage is not permitted under our standard terms and conditions. 

If you intend to use the data in any type of modelling for the purpose of creating derived data or derived products, and any services to distribute or display such derived products you need to sign an Agreement and pay a fee.

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The IEA reserves the right to check the customer's compliance with the terms and conditions.

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