About this report

Two visions of the energy future: under-invested, vulnerable and dirty, or clean, clever and competitive? Both are explored in this new edition of the authoritative World Energy Outlook (WEO). In it, the IEA responds to the remit of the G8 world leaders by mapping a new energy future, contrasting it with where we are now headed. WEO 2006 shows how to change course. It counts the costs and benefits – and the benefits win. WEO 2006 also answers these questions: Is the economic reaction to high energy prices merely delayed? Is oil and gas investment on track? Are the conditions shaping up for a nuclear energy revival? Can biofuels erode the oil monopoly in road transport? Can 2.5 billion people in developing countries switch to modern energy for cooking? Is Brazil learning new lessons or teaching the world? With extensive statistics, detailed projections, analysis and advice, WEO 2006 equips policy makers and the public to remake the energy future.