Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2017

About this report

Energy systems are undergoing substantial changes. Tracking the progress of clean energy is essential to achieve sustainable, secure and affordable energy and to assess collective progress towards long-term goals. The annual IEA Tracking Clean Energy Progress (TCEP) report highlights the overall status and recent progress in developing and deploying key clean-energy technologies. The report brings together broad IEA expertise, integrating the analysis from the Energy Technology Perspectives as well as the Market Report Series. Each year, TCEP assesses the latest progress in technology and market developments, tracks overall progress, and recommends further actions. TCEP this year shows that only three of 26 identified clean energy technologies are on track to meet a sustainable energy transition (one more than last year). Fifteen technologies showed only some progress, and eight are significantly off-track and in need of renewed action. TCEP 2017 also includes a special section on Tracking Clean Energy Innovation Progress, containing unique information on public and private investment in research, development, and demonstration. The special section highlights that total innovation investment needs to pick up to fulfill its important role of achieving secure and sustainable energy systems and delivering economic growth and reducing air pollution.