Technology Roadmap - A Guide to Development and Implementation

About this report

New low-carbon technologies show clear potential for transforming the global energy system, but a key challenge remains: what steps do governments and industry need to take to ensure their development and deployment? Roadmapping is a useful tool to help address complicated issues strategically at the national, regional and global levels. To help turn political statements and analytical work into concrete action, the IEA has developed a series of global roadmaps devoted to low-carbon energy technologies. This guide aims to provide countries and companies with the context, information and tools needed to design, manage and implement an effective energy technology roadmap process relevant to their local circumstances and objectives. Energy Technology Roadmaps: A Guide to Development and Implementation includes more detailed guidance on how to identify key stakeholders and develop a technology baseline, and more detailed development of indicators to help track progress against roadmap milestones. The IEA hopes that this guide, together with the IEA How2Guides, which provide technology-specific guidance, will help national and local policy makers and industry to develop strategies that accelerate the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies worldwide.