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Natural Gas Liquids: Supply Outlook 2008-2015

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

In the April 2010 Oil Market Report, the IEA included a supplementary report on the prospects to 2015 for the supply of natural gas liquids (NGLs), especially in light of new developments in natural gas production. At a time when economic, regulatory and geopolitical uncertainties are stretching lead times for expanding global crude oil supply, rising NGL and condensate availability can act as a pressure valve for the global oil market. Frequently overlooked as a component of production growth, nonetheless IEA estimates see up to 60% of expected oil supply increases through mid-decade deriving from NGLs. This timely report tries to present a clear view of the component parts of the NGL value chain, highlights optimal gas and NGL development strategies and presents detailed country and region specific forecasts for NGL supply through 2015.