Energy, water and the Sustainable Development Goals

Excerpt from World Energy Outlook 2018

About this report

The World Energy Outlook Sustainable Development Scenario takes its inspiration from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most closely related to energy: achieving universal energy access (SDG 7), reducing the impacts of air pollution (SDG 3.9) and tackling climate change (SDG 13). It sets out what would be needed to deliver these goals in the most cost-effective way. The Scenario now also includes a water dimension, focusing both on the water needs of the energy sector and the energy needs of the water sector

This free excerpt from World Energy Outlook 2018 reveals the benefits of an integrated approach to SDG 7 on energy access and SDG 6 on clean water and sanitation: decentralised renewables deployed in rural areas for energy access can also provide clean drinking water. Achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation would add less than 1% to global energy demand in 2030.