Energy Matters

Energy drives economic growth and social development around the world. It also accounts for around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions and so lies at the heart of the climate change challenge. Decision makers gathering in Paris for COP21 must therefore build a climate agreement that makes energy a central part of the solution, shifting operations and investments onto a low-carbon path that continues to support economic growth and development. Energy Matters outlines how COP21 can shift the energy sector onto a low-carbon path that supports economic growth and energy access: 1. Take five key actions, led by energy efficiency and renewables, to peak then reduce global energy emissions; 2. Use the Paris agreement to drive short-term actions consistent with long-term emission goals; 3. Accelerate energy technology innovation to make decarbonisation easier and even more affordable; 4. Enhance energy security by making the energy sector more resilient to climate change impacts.