Curtailing Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Operations

Pathways to a 75% Cut by 2030
Methane Emissions

About this report

Tackling methane emissions from fossil fuel operations represents one of the best near-term opportunities for limiting the worse effects of climate change because of its short-lived nature in the atmosphere and the large scope for cost-effective abatement, particularly in the oil and gas sector. This report explores practical measures that governments and companies can take to secure a 75% reduction in methane emissions from fossil fuel operations as envisioned in the IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 Roadmap.

Building on the estimates of emissions and abatement options in the IEA Methane Tracker and our Regulatory Roadmap and Toolkit, we quantify the potential impact of a range of measures, including policy and regulatory action, voluntary industry initiatives and improvements in transparency of emissions data. By identifying the different measures and approaches that can limit methane emissions, this analysis aims to provide insights and guidance for decision-makers in the lead-up to COP26 and beyond.
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