CCUS around the world in 2021

Featured pilot, demonstration, and early stage projects

About this report

In addition to the commercial CCUS facilities operating around the world today, there are a large number of CCUS pilot or demonstration projects as well as projects in earlier stages of development. Here we feature some globally-significant CCUS projects to highlight the breadth of activity across applications, sectors and regions.

[Update, November 2023: For more up-to-date information, please visit our CCUS Projects Database, which covers all CO2 capture, transport, storage, and utilisation projects worldwide that have been commissioned since the 1970s, and have an announced capacity of more than 100 000 t per year (or 1 000 t per year for direct air capture facilities). It includes projects with a clear emissions reduction scope, and excludes CO2 capture for utilisation pathways which bring low climate benefits (e.g. food and beverages), or which are part of the conventional industrial process (e.g. internal use for urea production), as well as use of naturally occurring CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. The database complements other technology-related tracking efforts, such as the Hydrogen Projects database and the Clean Energy Demonstration Projects Database.]