The Offshore Combustion Installations (Pollution Prevention and Control) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, amended 2018

Last updated: 15 February 2022

Regulation made under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999. 


Primarily concerning power generation, but relevant to methane from combustion sources offshore. A permit is required for any combustion installation (gas turbines, diesels, direct drive compressors, heaters, etc.) located on an offshore oil or gas platform, or other producing facility. Permits are issued under Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) regulations. It is applicable where an item of combustion plant on its own, or together with any other combustion plant installed on a platform, has a rated thermal input exceeding 50 MW. There are a number of exclusions including shuttle tankers and mobile drilling rigs. 


Regulation describe the contents of the PPC permit application. The operator will prepare yearly predictions of emissions, including methane, and these will form the basis for negotiation of the overall permit mass emissions (tonnes) for each pollutant.




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