Decree n. 2-17-746 on Mandatory energy audits and energy audit organisations

Last updated: 3 December 2019

Energy audits are mandatory for consumers whose energy consumption (toe) is higher than:

  • 1500 toe per year for enterprises and companies belonging to the industry sector, including the energy generators
  • 500 toe per year for the tertiary sector, companies and enterprises of the transport sector and energy distribution sector


Consumers that carry out their activities under a certified energy management system are exempted from this obligation.


Mandatory energy audit comprise all the activities, industrial procedures, buildings and vehicles used by the enterprise or company scrutinized. Companies falling under the scope of this decree have to cummunicate yearly all the information related to thir energy consumption to the Maroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency.


Mandatory energy audit have to be performed every 5 years. The Maroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency is in charge of creating a database with all the data collected through these audits.


Mandatory energy audits have to be performed by an organisation approved by the energy authority. Section 3 of this decree specify the requirements for the certification of energy audit organisations.


Consumers are required to transmit yearly to the energy authority a report on the implementation of the implementation of their energy efficiency plan.

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