Climate and energy strategy "mission 2030"

Last updated: 10 October 2019
The main objectives are to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in Austria by 36% in 2030 compared to 2005. To increase the ratio of renewable energy to gross final energy consumption to 45-50% by 2030. (100% balanced power supply from renewable energy in 2030.) And to improve the primary energy intensity by 25-30% compared to 2015.
In order to accomplish the defined goals the strategy consists of eight tasks (infrastructure, economic framework and mobilize investment, tax system to support the achievement of climate and energy targets, legal framework for climate-friendly Austria, research and innovation, education and awareness-raising, technology for decarbonisation, climate-friendly urban and rural areas) and 12 flagship projects (efficient freight transport logistics, increase rail-bound public transport, e-mobility offensive, thermal building renovation, renewable heat, 100,000 roof-mounted photovoltaic, renewable hydrogen and biome thane, green finance, building blocks of the energy systems of the future, mission innovation austria programme, education and awareness-raising for a sustainable future, bio-economy strategy)
  • Energy Efficiency
Policy types
  • Strategic planning
  • Multi-sector