GRIHA Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assesment

Last updated: 16 August 2019

National Rating System - GRIHA has been developed which is suitable for all kinds of building in different climatic zones of the country. The system was initially conceived and developed by TERI (The Energy & Resource Institute) as TERI-GRIHA which has been modified to GRIHA as National Rating System after incorporating various modifications suggested by a group of architects and experts. It takes into account the provisions of the National Building Code 2005, the Energy Conservation Building Code 2007 announced by BEE and other IS codes, local bye-laws, other local standards and laws. The system, by its qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria, would be able to ‘rate’ a building on the degree of its ‘greenness’. The rating would be applied to new and existing building stock of varied functions – commercial, institutional, and residential.

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses