Act on the rational use of energy (revision of Energy Conservation Act)

Last updated: 25 November 2019

Energy Conservation Act was revised in Nov 2018. This new revision includes joint energy efficiency improvement, permission for group company reporting system and redefinition of consigners etc.

The major measures under the Basic Policy are as follows:

1. the energy-conservation efforts in which businesses integrally or collaboratively engage:

In line with the new establishment of the System for Recognizing Collaboration Energy Conservation Plan and the System for Certified Management-Control Businesses, the Basic Policy is to stipulate provisions that require multiple businesses to improve the original unit of energy consumption through their integral or collaborative energy conservation efforts.

2. the efforts by consignors of goods and those by quasi-consignors of goods:

- The Basic Policy is to stipulate energy conservation efforts in which “consignors” of goods should engage, a provision in line with the addition of businesses and other entities, regardless of the ownership of the target goods, that determine means and other methods of transportation under contract or other conditions into the scope of consignors of goods who should engage in energy conservation efforts.

- The Basic Policy is also to stipulate energy conservation efforts in which “quasi-consignors” should engage, e.g., appropriate designation of the date and time of arrival of specific goods, which is a new provision in line with the new definition of consignees of goods as quasi-consignors under the Act of the Partial Revision of the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.

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