Amendment on Energy Efficiency Law

Last updated: 5 November 2019

Voluntary Agreements (VA) were implemented to motivate companies to achieve a minimum of 10% decrease in energy intensity over a three year period.

The target group is industry companies with a minimum of 500 toe of annual energy consumption.

The government makes available grants to stimulate the investment in energy efficiency measures. If a company meets the target set by the agreement, then up to 30% of the energy costs can be granted during the first year.  

The Ministry (Department of Energy Efficiency and Environment) signs the agreements with the companies on the basis of the energy intensity value of the last five years. Then the companies undertake individual energy efficiency projects.

In the Amendment of the Energy Efficiency Law in 2019, the upper level of the grant was increased from 200,000 TL to 1,000,000 TL.

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