Draft Unlocking National Energy Efficiency potential (UNNATEE) Strategy Plan Towards Developing an Energy Efficient Nation 2017-2031

Last updated: 5 September 2019

Draft strategy issued in March 2019.

Chapter 1 establishes India’s current year (baseline) energy supply and demand, broken down into

primary energy and electricity. It also covers identified data gaps in energy data reporting practice

and recommendations on effective energy data management (EDM).

Chapter 2 presents a comprehensive mapping of current polices, programs and action plans in India

applicable for energy and energy end-use sectors. The coverage of policies and programs include

national programs, state programs (SDAs and DISCOMs), local level programs (municipalities and

panchayats) and other indirect policies that affect energy efficiency (Montreal Protocol, Kigali meeting

and Smart Cities).

Chapter 3 presents a mapping of key future technologies that would impact energy consumption in

each of the demand sectors and provides a detailed analysis of five of the key future technologies

Chapter 4 establishes energy saving potential of various sectors in India by the year 2031. It also

forecasts energy consumption by various sectors in India. The methodology for calculation of energy

saving potential is discussed in this chapter. The allocation of energy saving targets to each state

and sector is established in this chapter

Chapter 5 presents the energy saving investment potential for various demand sectors in India by

the year 2031. The chapter also explores current EE financing landscape across the world and

suggests best suited schemes for Indian EE market.

Chapter 6 assesses India’s NDC target emissions in absolute terms, calculates the achieved

emission intensity reduction targets by 2030 and estimates the potential contribution of energy

efficiency in emissions intensity reduction. It also provides a commentary on global progress made in

achieving emission reduction commitments.

Chapter 7 establishes a national implementation strategy for achieving energy saving target. It also

provides a review of global best practices for scaling up energy efficiency. It also covers a review of

international energy efficiency strategies.

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