Building Code of Australia (Class 2 to Class 9 Buildings)

Last updated: 2 January 2020

The goal of the National Construction Code (NCC) is to enable the achievement of nationally consistent, minimum necessary standards of relevant safety (including structural safety and safety from fire), health, amenity and sustainability objectives efficiently.

This goal is applied so that— (a) there is a rigorously tested rationale for the regulation; and (b) the regulation is effective and proportional to the issues being addressed such that the regulation will generate benefits to society greater than the costs (that is, net benefits); and (c) there is no regulatory or non-regulatory alternative (whether under the responsibility of the Board or not) that would generate higher net benefits; and (d) the competitive effects of the regulation have been considered and the regulation is no more restrictive than necessary in the public interest.

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building systems
  • Space heating
  • Space cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Water heating
  • Lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Building vintage
  • Existing buildings
  • New buildings
  • Building envelope