Support for electric mobility development

Last updated: 12 November 2019

The German government provides a range of incentives and funding support for electric mobility, including:


Purchase grant (environmental bonus): The Federal Government has earmarked a maximum of €600 million to support the purchase of at least 300,000 electric vehicles by 2019. The carmakers are contributing an equal amount. A bonus of €4,000 is paid for the purchase of a new all-electric vehicle. Buyers of plug-in hybrid vehicles receive a bonus of €3,000. Applications for the environmental bonus can be submitted directly to the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).


Support for the roll-out of charging stations: The Federal Government is providing €300 million in funding to promote the roll-out of rapid and standard recharging points. The goal: many more rapid recharging points, which are particularly expensive, are to be available along the major transport routes and in the big cities by 2020.


More electric vehicles in the public-sector vehicle fleet: The public sector will set a good example by increasing the number of electric vehicles in its fleet. The share of electric vehicles to be purchased by the Federal Government is to rise to at least 20% by 2019. €100 million has been earmarked for this.


Extension of the vehicle tax exemption: from five to ten years.

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