EN 15251:2007

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics. - This European Standard specifies the indoor environmental parameters which have an impact on the energy performance of buildings. - The standard specifies how to establish indoor environmental input parameters for building system design and energy performance calculations. - The standard specifies methods for long term evaluation of the indoor environment obtained as a result of calculations or measurements. - The standard specifies criteria for measurements which can be used if required to measure compliance by inspection. - The standard identifies parameters to be used by monitoring and displaying the indoor environment in existing buildings. - This standard is applicable mainly in non-industrial buildings where the criteria for indoor environment are set by human occupancy and where the production or process does not have a major impact on indoor environment. The standard is thus applicable to the following building types: single family houses, apartment buildings, offices, educational buildings, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, sports facilities, wholesale and retail trade service buildings. - The standard specifies how different categories of criteria for the indoor environment can be used. But does not require certain criteria to be used. This is up to national regulations or individual project specifications. - The recommended criteria in this standard can also be used in national calculation methods, which may be different to the methods referred to here. - The standard does not prescribe design methods, but give input parameters to the design of buildings, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems. The standard does not include criteria for local discomfort factors like draught, radiant temperature asymmetry, vertical air temperature differences and floor surface temperatures.

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building systems
  • Lighting
  • Interior lighting